Book Review

Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson:

I have to be honest; I had never heard of Andrew Peterson. My pastor recommended this book and many leaders within my church have already read it several times. Andrew is an extremely accomplished songwriter and author, but he writes with such humility and raw honesty that you can easily relate. He encourages everyone to pursue their calling no matter what it is. If we are created in the image of God, then we are all creators.

Created to be Creators.

His encouragement on how to steward God’s gifts and pursue them daily make this book not only inspiring but practical. The stories always reflect God’s majesty and power and never his own.  The perceived glamour of touring is debunked with the reality and hardships of life in a small space. We all need a reminder that whatever gift we have it’s from Jesus and our life’s work should be to use that gift for Jesus. Whether you’re running a business, raising children, or creating beautiful art, all of these gifts are from God. 

Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson.

If you’re looking for some summer reading his children’s book series The Wingfeather Saga are great for young readers. (I have not personally read them, but they come highly recommended from the staff at my church. I know your children will love them.)